Case Studies

Heating Facility | Client: K&G Distribution

UK Service & Maintenance have completed the design and installation of a localised infrared heating array, the system is to provide a suitably heated area and localised heating facility at an insulation manufacturing company, located on the Knowsley trading estate.

The factory comprises of several production zones enabling the workers to produce products with the comfort of low cost suitable heating. The areas can be controlled both locally and from a centrally located control panel which the operatives are able to regulate the amount of heat required for individual stations and deactivate when areas are not required. The system was installed to budget and on time.

PLC Control Panel | Client: NW Metal Sections

UK Service & Maintenance complete the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a PLC panel to automate and control a metal forming mill, this is the second PLC control panel delivered to the client, this system will interact with existing production machinery allowing a fully automated manufacturing line.

Allowing the client an improved production process to increase output, the control functions supply output production and monitoring, the panel will eventually feed information to the main control office allowing NW Metal Sections to improve on production levels and material ordering.

Particle Bag Filter | Client: Renewable Energy Technology

UK Service & Maintenance have recently completed the design, installation and commissioning of the first in line bag filter on a Biomass boiler, the filtration system was installed at CEW Recycling to remove particulates from the Gas flue system and comply with EU emission levels, following installation the emission levels where analysed by Exova Catalyst. The filtration system reduced the particulate levels from 84.8mg/m3 exceeding EU national levels to 1.7mg/m3 significantly below permissible levels with no negative effect on the boiler systems performance.

UK Service and Maintenance provided all associated works and labour.

Extraction Ducting | Client: Bodycote, Knowsley

UK Service & Maintenance have recently completed the design, installation and commissioning of an extraction ducting system, the purpose is to extract particulates from a high temperature metal coating process, UK S&M installed 100mtrs of 400mm spiral ducting and modified internal extraction system within the spray booths for local extraction. Following installation, the extraction velocity within the Booths increasing flow and efficiency. UK S&M are now engaged to modify spray tables to include extraction hoppers that will enable direct connection to flexible suction system for localised extraction within the Booths.

Client: NW Metal Sections

UK Service & Maintenance secure order to update control panels and upgrade steel roll mill to PLC control, completion of the first mill upgrade will be followed by similar upgrades to eight existing manufacturing lines, all lines will be improved to increase production output and additional functions to allow punching on all lines, with output monitoring, the units will eventually feed information to the main control office allowing NW to improve on material ordering and assist purchasing.

Solvent pumps

Solvent pumps manufactured for AVT pumps, the stainless-steel base frames where manufactured by UKSM and fully machined to enable accurate alignment of coupling drives, the units where delivered on time and installed at Cargills Liverpool.

Wood drying

Wood drying process UKSM designed drying process utilising heat from wood fired boiler system, the system was installed at fuel processing plant North Wales 2012

Air handling

Air handling units installed at Royal Lancaster hospital, the units where provided by System Air and modified by UKSM to operate in conjunction with the BMS to allow operational monitoring, units all delivered on time and installed by UKSM.

Stack installation

Installation of Stack for Gasification plant 2005 the plant was designed to operate on locally sourced wood chip fuel, UKSM where involved in all aspects of the project.

Energy plant installation

Energy plant installation Dortmund Germany, the plant was installed to provide electricity to the national grid and heat to building services. The client was Biomass Germany and equipment was manufactured in the UK, all logistics, installation, assembly and commissioning carried out by UKSM. 2009

Energy plant installation

Energy plant installation North West Scotland 2017, the plant was to provide power for site operations excess power delivered to the national grid, the plant was assembled, installed and commissioned by UKSM.

CHP sets

CHP sets for site assembled by UKSM for site power, the engines operate on producer gas delivered from the Gasification plant


Installation of Generators at site. Client Renewable Energy Technology Ltd

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