Renewable Energy

The Wood Gasification CHP industry’s only ‘Complete Solution Provider’ for Your Business.

UK Service & Maintenance Ltd is an established, well-respected renewable energy consultancy & technology developer. Our team comprises experienced engineers, recognised for their professional approach via membership of the IET, IMechE and with Chartered Engineer status.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Wood fired boiler specification
  • Servicing and breakdown support
  • Gasification experts
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Automation of boilers
  • Energy surveys
  • Waste to energy experts
  • Technical consultation engineers

We operate in the Biomass, Energy from Waste (EfW) and Low Carbon sectors. We specialise in delivering gasification based solutions using virgin and waste biomass feedstocks. Our technical expertise is augmented by an up to date knowledge of the relevant legislative and regulatory regimes which ensures our engineered solutions provide the best commercial operation to customers.

Since its inception, UK Service & Maintenance have supports various companies with various technology principles through development, installation, commissioning and maintenance. In 2012, we became involved in the Novagen technology for Renewable Energy Technology and AMP as consultants and installation engineers installing modular CHP system, available from 200 kWe to 2 MWe.

Waste conversion

Energy from Waste is a vital part of the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ and simultaneously reduces the material sent to landfill and our reliance on fossil fuels.

UK Service & Maintenance Ltd has built up a wealth of technical experience in the field of Energy from Waste, based on a thorough practical understanding of how waste materials behave in the gasification process. Our expertise has been employed to improve the operation of a 10 MWe waste gasification facility in the UK and as consultants on multi MWe systems in central China.

Although waste plastics are not eligible for ROCs, they attract gate fees and are ‘energy dense’, thus producing a high Calorific Value syngas that can be utilised for combined heat and power (CHP) generation.

We offer expert technical consultancy and contractor services to the Energy from Waste industry to international clients. Please contact UK Service & Maintenance to discuss how we can help you.

Wood fired boiler systems

UK Service & Maintenance have undertaken consultancy projects and improvements works on wood fired industrial size heating systems around the North west and are additionally installing filtration plants to remove harmful particulates from the flue outlets, this is to reduce emissions and comply with stringent regulations. We are also design, install and maintain heating pipework systems specifying volume, pumps and heat recovery products ensuring all available heat available is captured or dispersed.

Thermal & CHP systems

Excess heat generation is an unavoidable consequence of producing power from combustion and gasification processes.

UK Service & Maintenance Ltd expertise includes the harnessing all practically available energy from fuel sources – whether they be renewable or fossil fuel. Our technical expertise goes beyond power generation to include the valuable utilisation of co-generated heat from CHP engines and process plant.

We have designed and implemented CHP schemes that incorporate thermal distribution systems for numerous applications that include the drying of biomass fuels. Such an application of heat offers an efficient, closed-loop use of CHP heat to ensure high quality biomass fuels for gasification processes.

UK Service & Maintenance Ltd experience extends to designing drying floors that form the end use of heat delivered from CHP generators. We design entire thermal systems, controlling the heat take-off from CHP or other heat source and delivering it efficiently to your application. If you want to deliver heat to an application please contact UK Service & Maintenance Ltd to find out if we can help you.

Energy surveys

UK Service & Maintenance Ltd will carry out full surveys on your factory or office complex to implement energy saving proposals and energy efficient lighting systems.

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